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We believe that dance education creates personal transformation through connecting to self, others and creativity. Help us enhance the inclusivity of our programs by making a contribution to our Scholarship Fund!

In 2019, your Scholarship Fund donation supports our Ignite! Stream Two program for Emerging Professional Artists, which is a tuition-free professional development opportunity for the artistic leaders and innovative change-makers of tomorrow.

We want to invest in the next generation of dance artists by selecting a group of stellar emerging professionals and offering them a week of new perspectives— but we can’t do it without your help… Click here to learn more about Ignite!

We need to raise $2500 to make this happen.

Will you contribute?

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Please consider making a contribution to our Scholarship Fund!

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Many thanks to our Project Funders

Metcalf Foundation

Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts’ TRIP Program

Toronto Arts Council


Many thanks to our Donors

2018 Scholarship Fund : Elenor Colbert, JoAnna Shaw, Patricia Foran, Adam Kuhn, Susan Kerr, Mary-Anne Taylor, Matthew Kariatsumari, Mara Old, Peggy Baker, Dana Jones, Natasha R Poon Woo, Heather Hadden, Lisa DelGuidice, Andrea Morash, Cathy Lace, Rebecca Giroux, Katherine Hill, Maryanne Marsh, Darlene Hoogenes-Stastny, Cory Boyd, Melissa Hietikko, Natalie Deschamps, Lisa Vogel, Jessica Shaw, Heather Snell, Jim Ruscica, Susan Colbert-Wright

2017 Scholarship Fund : Krista Newey, Ingrid Kapteyn, Kenny Pearl, Glen Tam, Clare Carr-Scheurich, Catherine A Lace, John Graham, Lisa Vogel, Heather Hadden, Adam Kuhn, Peggy Baker, Matthew Kariatsumari, Jennifer Kellman, Andrea Morash, Grant Vingoe, Derek Manns, Lisa DelGuidice, Cory Boyd, Marielis Garcia and Susan Colbert-Wright

Friends : Peter Kelly, Ingrid Kapteyn, Elenor J Colbert, Samyuktha Punthambekar Jennifer Kellman, Darlene Hoogenes-Stastny, Sully M Proulx, Andrea and Shawn Morash, Bev Olsen-Barton, Clarke Blair, Carol Lalonde and Roch Latreille, Andrea M Kramer, Diana Vrantsidis, plus 1 Anonymous

Supporters : Lisa Ryan, Nancy Brown Andison, Courtney Bean, Lorena Chioran, Frances M Clark, Linda Garneau, Natalie Deschamps, Marie Shikatani, S. Ruthers, Patricia and Ed Favot, Clare Carr-Scheurich, Karen Leland, Louis Laberge-Cote, Julia S Cratchley, Nathan Makolandra, Roxanne O’Neill, Christine and Sarah Flack

Patrons : Kenny Pearl, Elenor J Colbert, Rebecca M Giroux, Paul McCabe, Donna Bender, Lynette Robinson, Susan Graham, Glen Tam, Sandra Coppola, Jim Ruscica, Beth M Hanson, Susanna P Haight, plus 1 Anonymous

Champions : Maryanne Marsh, Derek and Jennifer Manns, Lisa Vogel, Cathy Lace, Amy and Allan Norsworthy, plus 1 Anonymous


Many thanks to our Advertising Sponsors and Community Partners

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